Monday, December 19, 2005

Wikipedia: Mass Opinion As Fact

Wikipedia seems destined to become the non-academic's attempt to fashion the universe as s/he, rather than the spin-meisters, see it. Righto. A refreshing view, if occasionally (if not almost always) wrong. Who cares about a high error rate, it's a *collective* hind-mive, er um I mean hive-mind effort. Isn't it clear by now that facts are what a majority express them to be? With Wiki, we know what the majority thinks something is. Comforting thought.

Here now, in a link from The Register, a different, and patently unfair, critique of Wikipedia. Why? Well, when I think of a Wikipedia, my mind wanders to those halcyon days when I would make some Margaritas with whatever Tequila was available, pop in a Jimmy Buffet CD, and lounge under the Tiki hut at the beach. After about five or six margaritas, I reckon I'd have been primed to contribute to wild world of Wiki under the Tiki.

Now, lessee if there's an entry for Sox compliance...

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